Help me and download all the models in a zip file

Filed under: News — Carlos Folch - April 2, 2011

From today I have added a Paypal Donate button to the site. I need some help to maintain the site and to continue creating and sharing 3d models.

Download all the models in a zip file for +1,5 Euros

You can donate any amount you want and I will show you the links to download a zip file with all the models (please, as Paypal charges for each transaction, the donation should be more than 1,5 euros).

Wish list queue for +20 Euros

If you donate more than 20 euros you can choose a model and I’ll put it in the queue of models to do. I will send you an email directly to ask for the model you want :)

But remember…

All the models are in this site for free, you can simply navigate and download them, and this donation is only a way to help me and the zip file and the wish list is my way to thank you for the donation.

Thank you!!

IMPORTANT: In the paypal page you must click on the yellow button “Return to the Scopia Visual Interfaces Systems site” after you complete the donation to arrive to the page with the download link. If you have some problem please let me know ;)

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100 Responses to “Help me and download all the models in a zip file”

  1. Vinny says:

    Very Nice!

  2. Vinny says:

    Ok this is a good idea!

  3. Eduardo says:

    thank you

  4. solfiere says:

    thank you

  5. solfiere says:


  6. road_kill says:

    Thnks a lot!

  7. road_kill says:


  8. Carlos Folch says:

    You are welcome, I’m glad you like the models :D

  9. ERIC says:


  10. renatozsul says:


  11. Atelier Keith says:


  12. carlo says:

    wuf cuanto me gusta este programa

  13. carlo says:

    mi piace cuesto elemeti

  14. carlo says:


  15. Carlos Folch says:

    Hola Carlo,

    Si te refieres al sweethome3d puedes encontrar tutoriales aquí:

    Si el programa que quieres aprender es Blender puedes encontrar tutoriales aquí:

    y en el foro de 3dpoder:

    Espero que te sirva :D

  16. yuki says:


    What the software do you usually use that cab make some furniture?

  17. yuki says:

    Tnaks a lot

    What the software do you usually use that cab make some furniture?

  18. Carlos Folch says:

    Hi Yuki, I use Blender, a 3d open source application. It’s powerful and you can export your models to a lot of format files. Give it a try!

  19. mark says:

    it is really good!

  20. ElJay Arem says:

    Hi….. just wanna ask a simple question, as I am not architect. What’s the best freeware 3D CAD programme for using your wonderful models ? – I found progeCAD. As “smart version” (from 2009) its freeware for personal use…. or can you advice other freeware tools ? Tks in advance.

  21. Carlos Folch says:

    Hi Eljay. If you want to do plans, and use the models you can find here, you could use sweethome3d. It’s easy and powerful.
    If you want to learn a good, complete and open source 3d package you should try with blender3d, it’s the best for me but you will need some time to learn it well because it has many options and possibilities.

  22. wellington says:

    quero baixar é muito bom

  23. marco says:

    Gracias por las imagenes en 3d

  24. Hana says:

    I wanted to download a zip file and donate requested amount, but you did not put Serbia on a country list. Perhaps one day? Nice models Carlos.

  25. Carlos Folch says:

    Thank you Hana. I have sent an e-mail to you ;)

  26. lolo33 says:


  27. paul says:

    Very good

  28. paul says:

    Very good.Paul

  29. ja says:

    thank you

  30. thakeshi says:


  31. guillaume says:


  32. Giulio Maffeo says:

    Ottimo Lavoro, Grazie!

  33. 7ka says:

    спасибо :)

  34. test says:


  35. gvz says:

    thank you very much

  36. Jan says:

    Hi great 3D models! Thanks for these.
    Posted on


  37. Carlos Folch says:

    You’re welcome :D. Nice blog Jan!!

  38. ORLANDO says:


  39. ORLANDO says:


  40. Weverton says:

    Gostaria de receber esses objetos 3D.

  41. zengesh says:

    thank you

  42. yinaierfengxin says:

    you are very good!

  43. yinaierfengxin says:


  44. Evgeniy says:

    I nead your help

  45. Carlos Folch says:

    Hello Evgeniy,
    How can I help you? Any problem with the downloads?

  46. modtanoy says:

    very good

  47. Carlos Folch says:

    Subsurface scattering?? :D

  48. Nasos says:

    ”IMPORTANT: In the paypal page you must click on the yellow button “Return to the Scopia Visual Interfaces Systems site” after you complete the donation to arrive to the page with the download link.”
    I didn’t :P
    How can I get the links?

  49. Carlos Folch says:

    Hi Nasos,

    I will send you the link to the download page ;)

  50. Nasos says:

    thanks ! ;)

  51. kase says:

    thank you

  52. Vagner says:

    Alô gente !
    Infelizmente ñ consigo o baixar a biblioteca de modelos 3D para Blender. Ele retorna sempre a mesma página e ñ faz o downloal. Uma luz por favor !

  53. Carlos Folch says:

    Hello Vagner, what is the model you are trying to download?

  54. jamie says:


  55. jamie says:


  56. pippo says:


  57. Pepe says:

    Muchissimas gracias !

  58. irene says:

    I cannot try the models or see them because I cannot download them? Please help

  59. Carlos Folch says:

    Hello Irene. You must select first the model you want and click on it to view its description and images. Below the description of the model you can view the “Downloads” list, select the file you need there ;)

    If you don’t want to download the models one by one, and you would like to download all the models in a single zip file, then you can donate here the amount you like, clicking on the donate button, and then you will go to the download page after your donation. Any problem let me know.

  60. juan says:


  61. ajat says:

    Very Nice,thanks very much

  62. lincheng says:

    I am come China !I Dot Know!!! QQ107348878 Email Werll Come !

  63. lincheng says:

    I Dot Know English- -

  64. Kary says:

    Very Nice,thanks very much

  65. nick says:


  66. Andres says:

    A ver qeu tal son, antes de dar la donacion.

  67. TheArt says:

    Where is download link?

  68. Carlos Folch says:

    Hi, TheArt.
    The download link appears after the donation.

  69. holly says:

    very good!

  70. maryam says:


  71. mujdat says:

    thank you

  72. caoyang says:


  73. caoyang says:

    thanks , these are very useful

  74. cctax says:

    thanks , these are very useful

  75. genode says:


  76. genode says:


  77. Lucas says:

    Hola Carlos, he efectuado la donación, como procedo para descargar el Zip? saludos!

  78. Carlos Folch says:

    Hola Lucas y muchas gracias. Te he enviado el enlace por e-mail. Cualquier problema me dices ;)

  79. Pablo Bazalar says:

    Hola…Entiendo que es un trabajo que requiere esfuerzo y dedicación y por tanto una recompensa. Pero no puedes decir que es gratuito cuando es OBLIGATORIA la “DONACIÓN”. Lo que estás haciendo es cobrar y sería más honesto decir que cobras porque lo necesitas. nada de malo tiene querer ser retribuido por lo que a uno le cuesta tiempo y dinero. Pero de esta manera más pareces uno de tantos engatusadores que hay en la red.

  80. Carlos Folch says:

    Pablo, puedes descargarte los modelos gratuítamente, uno por uno, no es obligatoria la donación. Miles de descargas se hacen cada día así, sólo tienes que navegar hasta el modelo que te guste y pulsar sobre el enlace que hay bajo el texto descriptivo. Si tienes algún problema de descarga dímelo y lo miro, puede que en algún navegador no se vea bien :/

  81. laozo says:


  82. wangwei says:

    very good

  83. Natalie says:

    Thanks for finally talking about > Resources – Free 3D
    models for blender, sweethome3d and others

  84. louis says:

    Chapeau Carlos!

  85. Arlene says:

    I wanted to donate and get the collection but I could not find United States on the country list. All I could get was Spanish.

  86. Carlos Folch says:

    Hi Arlene,
    Sorry, where do you find that country list? The donation plugin uses Paypal as payment system but I think there isn’t a list of countries on the process :/

  87. Laura Anders says:

    Hola, ando necesitando algunos modelos de piscinas. Haces a pedido? Seguis diseñando? Hago publicidad para una casa que vende piscinas y SH3D tiene muy poca variedad de ellas.
    Espero tu respuesta. Desde ya muchas gracias.

  88. Carlos Folch says:

    Hola Laura, sí que hago modelos a demanda. Ahora te envío un correo privado ;)

  89. janardhan says:

    Hi Carlo

    Nice work, I have a request I need some animal 3d models, do you have any?
    please revert to my email id, thanks -j

  90. libi says:

    thank you

  91. gustavo says:

    tks !!!!

  92. Sandy says:

    It‘s very nice!

  93. vnadvnace says:

    very good

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