Help me and download all the models in a zip file

From today I have added a Paypal Donate button to the site. I need some help to maintain the site and to continue creating and sharing 3d models.

Download all the models in a zip file for +2 Euros

You can donate any amount you want and I will show you the links to download a zip file with all the models (please, as Paypal charges for each transaction, the donation should be 2 euros at least).

Wish list queue for +20 Euros

If you donate more than 20 euros you can choose a model and I’ll put it in the queue of models to do. I will send you an email directly to ask for the model you want :)

But remember…

All the models are in this site for free, you can simply navigate and download them, and this donation is only a way to help me and the zip file and the wish list is my way to thank you for the donation.


In the paypal page you must click on the blue link “Return to the Scopia Visual Interfaces Systems SL” after you complete the donation to arrive to the page with the download link. If do you have any problem let me know, please 😉

Thank you!!

Donate and download all the 3D models

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  1. I wanted to donate and get the collection but I could not find United States on the country list. All I could get was Spanish.

  2. Hi Arlene,
    Sorry, where do you find that country list? The donation plugin uses Paypal as payment system but I think there isn’t a list of countries on the process :/

  3. Hola, ando necesitando algunos modelos de piscinas. Haces a pedido? Seguis diseñando? Hago publicidad para una casa que vende piscinas y SH3D tiene muy poca variedad de ellas.
    Espero tu respuesta. Desde ya muchas gracias.

  4. Hi Carlo

    Nice work, I have a request I need some animal 3d models, do you have any?
    please revert to my email id, thanks -j

  5. I paypaled but there was no option to return to the web site. How can I download the models now?


  6. Hi Bela,
    You should receive a message with the download link just in case the paypal back link was missing. Please, send me a message by the contact form if you don’t receive it 😉

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