With the legend icons you know what format is available for each download. When the file is a blender file, you can know the render setup with the render engine icons (internal, yafray, yafaray, indigo…)

  • 3ds file Autodesk 3DS Max format. Triangulated meshes.
  • Obj format file Originally from Maya. You can import this into sweethome3d.
  • Blender file Blender file (.blend) rendered with internal.
  • sweethome3d file Sweethome3d files. You can import directly with correct size and textures.
  • Sketchup file Sketchup files, the texture files are compressed within the file.
  • Yafray renderer Blender file with yafray setup. You need blender2.48a and Yafray.
  • Yafaray Blender file with yafaray setup. You need blender2.49b and Yafaray.
  • Normalmap Normal map texture file.
  • Bumpmap Bump map texture file.
  • Diffusemap Diffuse map texture file.
  • Reflexionmap Reflection map texture file.
  • Shinymap Shiny map texture file.
  • Skethcupmat Sketchup material file.


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  1. I’m sure they’ll be took advantage of this site.

  2. ali

    hi how are you? excuzeme i want a few texture and 3d models can yoy help me?

  3. Carlos Folch

    Hi Ali,

    I have a service for required models, you can see it here: http://3deshop.blogscopia.com/category/3d-models/by-request/

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