All the files of the Models section are under the Creative Commons 4.0 Unported license:

Your are free:

  • To share – to copy, distribute and trasmit the work
  • To Remix – to adapt the work

Under the following conditions:

  • You are free to make personal or commercial works
  • Attribution: The models can be used in renders or animations without attribution, but if you want to distribute the models you must attribute them to Scopia Visual Interfaces Systems, s.l. ( and Eteks ( adding a link to both sites, and you have to add a copy of this license or a link to this page.

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  1. hello. My name is Saki Okano.(from Japan)
    Your work is truly amazing. So,
    Can I use objects on the web for my manga?
    Can I use it for commercial purposes?

  2. Hi Saki Okano,

    Sure, you can use the objects on the web for your manga and for commercial purposes 😉

  3. Hi.

    I’m training program blender.

    To create the image 3D sold through shutterstock and interested in using your model with my work.

    Can I use your model in my work?

  4. Hi Thiraphut. Yes, you can use the models, render your scenes and sell the renders without problems 🙂

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