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Welcome to the new resources.blogscopia.com site. Now you can write comments and rate the models 😀

Actually we are cleaning and creating new models for the sweethome3d app. We have a lot of models with 2 or more objects, and in the coming weeks we will split those files into new ones with one model for each file, it will be better for the sweethome3d user I hope :D.

At the blender side, we are using yafaray now and the setup of the new blend files will be configured with the yafaray exporter script.

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  1. Hi like your 3d model`s which is the software you used, because i like cooperate with more models.


  2. Thanks for sharing,
    I am a beginner too and I found it difficult to obtain free 3d models ready for use in Blender. Now, I will probably be using some of these in my future projects.

  3. excellent mate… very usefull and nice design indeed…. well done

    looking forward to more models…

  4. Thank you very much, Carlos!

    Your works are very nice, accurate and clean and are easily imported into my SH3D.

    Waiting for more updates in the textures and models tabs.

    Best wishes and lots of creativity from Moldova! 😉

  5. hello, im bani from indonesia,
    thank you for sharing models,
    its very usefull for me…

  6. Congratulations on your new site! I stated in a previous comment on another page that I was using Sweet Home 3D, but I MIGHT switch from that to Blender because I apparently can use more of your products on there. xD

  7. He Kayla. You don’t need to switch to Blender. All the models, more or less, are in the two type files, blender and sh3d (sweethome3d). Blender is powerful but more difficult, I think you can try it (I love Blender) but still use sweethome3d to get quick and great results 😀

  8. Hi,

    i’m currently working on a home decorator software (unity 3D). I’m unemployed so i’ll try to create my job. The software will be for pro and non pro. I didn’t yet know how it’ll be distribute. Software is quite finished so i’ll use some of your mesh for the demo. I live at Paris

    PS : your mesh are well done, exactly what i expected (scale of 1, low poly …) so i hope i will have to buy you requested models because i’m more software designer, programmer than mesh maker)

    PS2 : you are in spain, maybe you can distribute my product in your country. i can show you video if you want to take a look. It’s not another home decorator, it’s something easier and faster than the majority of product.

    Less powerfull than 3dsmax or blender (of course) but a lot lot easier and faster.

  9. Hi John,

    It’s always good to have new software “in game”. I wish you good luck, and I will be glad to see your application working. Let me know if you have any problem with any model downloaded here 😉

  10. I am using sweet home 3d and this is the go to site for me! these models are really great so thankyou soo much

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