Oval sink with tap and mirror. Image redered with yafaray


If you want furniture for Sweet Home 3D

I have done a lot of models for Sweet Home 3D based on IKEA designs, click here to visit our store and get them!


3 responses to “Bathroom1”

  1. Edward

    interesting designs, i thank you for your work.

    you forgot to put up the usual

    1 design of cable router
    1 design of wireless router
    1 design of wireless Adapter
    1 design of Analog telephone
    1 design of digital telephone
    1 design of digital Typewriter
    1 design of digital (computer attached) photocopier
    1 design of ceramic Tile 1×1 foot (square)
    1 design of marble tile 1×1 foot square)
    1 design of ceramic Tile glossy (triangular 1x 1/2) foot

    it would be helpful for Small Offices and School/college Libraries

  2. Edward

    ah yes.. the most essentials

    design of office stationary

    ink blotter/stamp/stamp pad

    a stack of PAPER (HA.. i forgot that) no paper shown in any of your Models

    draw 2 Rims of white A4 size one on the other along with some cover they have.

  3. Ouch… A wish list!

    Thanks for the comment 😀

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