Bedroom’s lamps


Bedroom’s lamps with textures. Image rendered with old yafray engine.

Updated with one sweethome3d file (sh3d) for every lamp. Textures, sizes and materials corrected


Download all the models

You can download all the models, furniture and textures of this site in a single file -> Read more

If you want furniture for Sweet Home 3D

I have done some comercial models for Sweet Home 3D based on IKEA designs, Click here to get them!

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  1. Awesome! I’ll be using this in my virtual house design. ^^
    The middle one, the simplest one, will be a part of my nursery plan. (I’m only 14 (turning 15 this month) but I’m starting to make Reborn Dolls and want a nursery plan for my work area and show area. So I’m using Sweet Home 3D to design one. ^^)

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