Thank you

Thank you very much for your donation!

I like to share 3d models and thanks to your help I can continue maintaining this site and creating and sharing 3d models so this thank you is for you πŸ˜€

All the models in one file

You can download the models by file type:

If you have any problems downloading the files, please let me know via the contact form.

Wish list queue

If you have donated more than 20€ you can choose a model and I’ll put it in the queue of models. I will send you an email to the adress you use as paypal user, then you can reply me to tell me what model you want.


13 responses to “Thank you”

  1. Dear Carlos,

    All the files are great but I was looking for a cigaret shelf as in a tabac store and boxes like the post office and unfortuinately there was nothing so I have to carry on searching:-(

    Kind regards
    Dietmar Schmidt

  2. Carlos Folch

    Hi Dietmar,
    I did a letter box model for Emmanuel Puybaret and it’s published in his Sweet Home 3D site, you can download it directly from here:

  3. Thanks For Making This Resource Available.

    I Helps Reduce My Creation Time; So That I Can Focus On Creating Environments That Show My Fractal Art Compositions In Different Settings.

  4. basil fager

    thank you Carlos Folch ………. and better for all blender users In the whole world ….
    ……………… BASIL FAGER . A Sudanese . work in Sultanate of Oman in arbian gulf . blender user .
    bluebirdblender 3ds archi , name of my works for sale .

  5. Carlos Folch

    You’re welcome πŸ™‚


    Thanks you very much! πŸ˜€

  7. Jaguar On the web

    Thank you for all the hours you spent to make our dream more realistic.

    P.S. I download your files but what to do to install yhem into the program ? I am not very good in pc stuff so If you can help me… I restart the program but nothing new in the propositions on the left files.
    Thank you

  8. Carlos Folch

    Hi! For the Sweet Home 3d models you can import them as a library, look at the top menu option “Furniture>Import Furniture library” πŸ™‚

  9. jan gosen

    Hi Carlos,
    I have been looking for an iron roller shutter for outside windows for a long time.
    Maybe an idea to develop?


  10. Rainer

    Muchas gracias, Carlos. It was a pleasure to donate.

  11. Carlos Folch

    Thank you Rainer πŸ˜€

  12. Bo

    What is the license on the models? only license file is in the textures zip file…

  13. Carlos Folch

    Hi Bo,

    You can find the license here:

    Best regards

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