Living room module

Filed under: Interior furniture — Carlos Folch - March 11, 2011


Updated. The render takes 5 hours

Living room module to place books, figures, the television, etc.

Image rendered with Blender 2.49 + luxrender 0.8 RC1. I have been testing the outlier rejection to kill the fireflies but the render time is high. Yes, I must still learn a lot about luxrender

Update: I have tried the same scene with yafaray. With photon mapping it takes 3 minutes to render.


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5 Responses to “Living room module”

  1. marco says:

    Gracias por las imagenes

  2. Carlos Folch says:

    De nada Marco, espero que te sirvan también los modelos :D

  3. Denise says:

    Boa tarde. Não estou conseguindo baixar as imagens. Me ajude.

  4. Carlos Folch says:

    Hello Denise. Do you mean the texture images? They are packed in the zip files ;)

  5. dominik says:

    fajne mebelko

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