TV and DVD


TV and DVD with UV coordinates. Image rendered with old yafray engine.


Download all the models

You can download all the models, furniture and textures of this site in a single file -> Read more

If you want furniture for Sweet Home 3D

I have done some comercial models for Sweet Home 3D based on IKEA designs, Click here to get them!

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  1. Good day Guys

    Are there any Blu-Ray/dvd

    combination players?
    I do know there are actually dvd/vcr players. Are there any players which will perform each of those dvd disks and blu-rays that I can acquire instead of just shopping a couple of separate players?

    Thank you !

  2. Hello Red,
    I don’t know. This is a 3d models site not a shop 😉
    Anyway, you can google it with the terms “blu-ray & dvd” and you will find a lot of answers 😀

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