Children bed

A wooden kids’ bed with textured sheets (UVmapped, you can change easily the texture 😀 ). Image rendered with Blender 2.49 and Yafaray 0.1.1


Or download all the models

You can download all the models, furniture and textures of this site in a single file -> Read more

If you want furniture for Sweet Home 3D

I have done some comercial models for Sweet Home 3D based on IKEA designs, Click here to get them!

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  1. Dear Carlos

    Couldnt download the zip file although i have fairly good highspeed broadband connection.

    Please assist


  2. The given models are beutiful, thank you so much. But when I run them in blender, it shows no color or texture, can you please tell me why?

  3. Hi Nsk, it should work if you have downloaded the file, please check if you got the right file.

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