Brown wall tiles





A new texture of brown tiles for walls. The texture is seamless and tileable so you can repeat it and it will work fine. I have added a bump texture too. You can view a sample rendered with Blender and Cycles below.


I have created this texture with the collaboration of Emmanuel Puybaret from eTeks ( If you are a Sweet Home 3d user you can use it to add a new texture to your library. This texture can be used with any 3D program or image editor too.


If you want furniture for Sweet Home 3D

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4 responses to “Brown wall tiles”

  1. Anh Đinh

    Can I use bump for Sweet home 3D?

  2. Carlos Folch

    Hi Anh, I think not, sorry. With Sweet Home 3D you can use the texture as diffuse map. The image of this post has been rendered with blender, and with blender you can use bump maps.

  3. Steve

    Hi, exactly as in my bathroom ! Incredible ! Thank you 🙂

  4. Carlos Folch

    You’re welcome 🙂

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